Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ted Leo Brutalist Bricks

I am a pretty loyal fan. I don't love a lot, but when I do, I'm down for the long haul. I have found that with the artists in this category that manage to put out more than 4 records, I develop a pattern. Generally I love every other record. Worked with Lungfish and seems to be the pattern with Ted too. I loved Tyranny of Distance, not so hot on Hearts of Oak. Loved Shake out the Sheets, not so hot on Living for the Living. So along comes Brutalist Bricks and right according to formula I like it. No comment on the cover art. Guess there was a sale on yellow...
It has a more pop feel to me. There are some songs that echo the Damned and the Minutemen pretty heavily. Some sharp, short ones. Songs like "ativan eyes" are pop gems with a lyrical bite.
My favorite tracks are probably "bottled in cork" and "gimme the wire" which sadly is not about Baltimore.
I think on most tracks he pushes traditional Leo trademarks further and harder, but it is not as resigned/pissed/bummed as Living for the Living. I guess it is also not as upbeat as Shake out the Sheets. So maybe it is in the sweet spot?
This will be a spring/summertime road trip staple, so anyone traveling to races with me this summer better be ready to deal.
Bottled in Cork a couple odd versions from the web. Matador is the label. Keep up with Ted at his website or on twitter-where on a good day he gives Adam Myerson a run for his money in volume.
Solo Version


and why not drop this for overkill

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