Monday, April 19, 2010

Gravel Grinder

Rolled into the rally spot super early-before anything was open early. First ones there early.
Preride warmup? Why not, didn't bring any trainers...

Nick got in on the camera action.

Did I mention the flowing mullet-watch out cross season

Shouldn't have taked shit about Perry Hill cause it was first up on the menu again. Kicked my ass again. There were some other tasty hills on the menu. Clouds are covering up the top, but there was still snow on top of Stowe.

Who needs Battankill for dirt roads. Where is the headless horseman?

Nick waited up for me at the first aid station, and we were off again.

With 5 miles left we hit another aid station. Time for a High Life.

Before we knew it, we were on to the amazingly muddy and fun community bike path and pulling into the parking lot. Nick took the sprint for those that were wondering....
Rad Tacos to finish it off and then 4 hours listening to the Red Sox blow it on the way home. Thanks to 5HillsBikes for putting it on.
By way of a product review, the showers pass softshell trainer gets two thumbs up. Kept me dry. Wasn't exactly torrential downpours but highly effective.

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