Monday, April 19, 2010

Vermont Weekend

The plan was to head out to Vermont for the weekend. Bring road bikes and cross bikes. Do a road ride on Saturday and the Gravel Grinder on Sunday. Well the best laid plans of .... and all that. Weather reports promised rain, snow, doom. Road bikes got left behind and it was 2 days on the cross bikes.
Woke up to this.

It stopped snowing and the rain let up and we went out to try a 30 mile loop. Right off the bat this loop punches you in the face. Perry Hill. Not a fan. Pain may be weakness leaving your body, but Perry Hill gives it back to you at the top.
After suffering in silence, I decided to go full tourist mode. I had my camera why not use it. We came to a cool covered bridge and I went into full Mofo mode to get the shots.

We trudged on over some incredibly beautiful roads. Got lost. Got tired. Got stoked. and got home. These rides were short but they kicked my ass.
One wrong turn took us to the top of this dead end road where we met a couple dogs.

back down.

Trying to focus on riding and taking pictures helps you forget about sucking on the bike....

Trying to take a perfect picture of Nick's mullet also helps pass the time

Soggy dirt roads on cross bikes can be a little "soul sucking" so why not try video. Better luck next time.

Dont want to be a downer, the ride was tough but fun. Cold, rainy, whatever it was pretty damn cool.
Anyway that was pretty much day one. Finished it up with eating, bike cleaning, and lounging. Up next day two the real deal Gravel Grinder.

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