Wednesday, June 30, 2010

collection of printed words

I have been a magazine junkie my whole life. Skateboarding,music,cycling, current name it. Regardless of how long my list of monthly must reads is, I am always looking for more. I have stumbled across a variety of extremely cool publications in the last few months and feel it's time to give them all some props.

1st up "Good Habits,Clean Living" An illustrated guide to Major Taylor's rules for good living. There is a 2nd printing already so it doesn't need to get hyped, but it does deserve a big thank you. 12 rules to keep you humble and focused. Well done. if you are interested. Intro by Clarence Smith...DYKC?

2nd up is a double shot from Half-Letter Press. I have an insatiable desire for all early Texas punk(music,photos,stories), and these 2 book/zines based around interviews with Tim Kerr and the Dicks are essential. I ordered these as soon as they I became aware of their existence. Anyone with a passing interest in the subject should get on it. 30 or so pages with good photos and interviews. Half Letter is pretty rad check them out. Order something from them and you are going to get a package full of cool shit to think about!

3rd in line is "Revolution Summer" A story about falling in love with the bike and the ever inspiring presence of Judas Priest. A cool perspective on bikes from a Portland resident who isn't neck deep in racing or cross. Plus he is a Boston ex-pat.... There is a second book of musings to be had as well.
find it here. herbivore clothing.

4th on the hit parade is a new issue of the Baffler. A new issue of the Baffler? so much for the death of print and dumbing it down. Great long articles on economics and their impact on our lives. Naomi Wolf has an unbelievably interesting article. Awesome photo essays as well.

Bringing it home in 5th place is the ever reliable Cylcocross Magazine. With cross season a few short months away, this is crucial reading. The Nationals interviews about tire pressure with all winners are back. Johnny Bold and Paul Curley both dropping some contrarian view points. Plenty of tech articles. I am always stoked when I see this on the rack at the bike shop!
So that is an overdue recap of some magazines that make me want to keep print alive!
cyclocross magazine.

All independent people trying to make it happen. Support!

I tried to make the lead off picture in the classic "pick out your favorites from the pile of records style" a la this Schism fanzine classic.

Gotta keep it core.

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