Wednesday, June 30, 2010

two for the road

Castevets are very much in the Tombs/Versoma school of things to me. Influences
from a variety of heavy and pummeling artists are noticable, but it makes
for a good listen with its own sound. I hear more of an influence from the
Isis/Neruosis/post-rock book than darkthrone/burzum. I can never be sure if I read my influences into records I like or if they are there, but I hear a lot of classic 90s noise rock as well. This is less blackmetal than Liturgy or Krallice, but still has some black metal elements and just like those label mates it puts a pretty cool twist on a genre that prides itself on orthodox repetition of a formula. This is not background music. Put it on and prepare to get pummeled.

coliseum house with a curse
I have always had a soft spot for bands from Louisville(whether we are talking Kinghorse, Evergreen, Crain, Drinking Woman, etc) and these guys are no exception. Part of the whole lords/young widows explosion, they have delivered a couple of seriously rocking records that pushed the Swiz vs D-beat rock formula to a very enjoyable place. On this new one they are switching gears. 12 songs on Temporary Residence records. A little slower a little more rock, just as enjoyable. Some might even say Somber. This is driving music to me and reminds me of the evolution between the 1st and 2nd Doomriders records. Maybe a touch of Fucked Up as well. Seems like the kind of record a bunch of dudes make after they have been on tour for ages-driving long hours listening to tons of music. Distilling it down.

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