Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ode to Tafi

Tafi was another of my favorite Italian riders. He won in Belguim and, though, nothing like Bartoli, he had a very Italian style, but unlike the cat, Tafi was always hunched over the bike pushing watts out of the massive quads. Maybe yesterday's ode to Roubaix tour stage got me thinking about him.

Or maybe it was the temperature? Given the recent heat wave, I was thinking about his habit of hat modification. Don't know if he was the first, but he rocked this look from the Mapei days right up to the end. But was it for temperature control or to keep the hair tight?

Tafi loved Roubaix, and just like Ballerini wanted to do something special for his last race. Riding out his last season for Saunier Duval, he opted for a custom kit-Yellow and Grey and 42nd place.

Regardless of this fashion fail, I will always remember him like this-Italian champs jersey, no helmet, winning Roubaix. He may not of won a ton of races and may have been like an Italian PVP, but he was a beast.

last gasp. who can spot the problem with this photo? suprisingly not pro for AT

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