Thursday, August 12, 2010

bloody gears 7"

Whoever writes the descriptions for Deranged bands has balls of steel. Name checking Articles of Faith and Husker Du and invoking the classic MidWestern 80s core sound is not taken lightly around here.(never mind invoking gang of four and really red to describe another band). Regardless of this, I was excited to hear a new band from Boston. The HOG is out of the loop on boston bands.
3 songs. Vocals are kinda Bondi-esque, but it is more like a fiercer Jones Very or the later AOF rather than the raging What We Want is Free classics that most people think of. Had a bit of the Cliff Hanger alienated sneer as well.
"end of the line" is a good one, AOF riffing on "Warsaw". Little DK vibe to the guitars. guitar work is tight. This is definitely in the smart,desperate, nerd school of hardcore rather than the ultra distort screamer school. Artwork reminds me of Evergreen from San Diego. manages to harken back to some classic bands while maintaining their own sound. this rips and is worth tracking down.

check out there demo here

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