Friday, August 13, 2010

Burning Love Songs for Burning Lovers

"______&roll" seems to be a hardy sub-genre-(death&roll, crust&roll, etc). Now we have "punk&roll". Regardless of the genre tag this Burning Love CD is pretty top notch.
Deranged records out of Canada deliver this 13 song party starter. Not the most original, but it gets the job done. Driving, catchy rock tinged hardcore. Features members of Cursed. I would name check bands like annihilation time, inepsy, coliseum, or doomriders if I was writing a "for fans of" sticker. they would probably like to hear names more like black flag or poison idea, but I think the first batch should give you an idea what you are in store for. But put my jaded record collecting self on hold for a minute, and pop this in the cd player in your car. You will be stoked and speeding down the street. This is get shit done music. I have a lot of shit to get done, so I enjoy bands that can give me good soundtrack for that. They get points for the song title "alien vs creditor".
Unfortunately this might be a good example "old man core" or "middle aged&roll" a genre of music for which I am probably the perfect demographic.


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that is a lot of love to deranged records for a 24 hour period

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