Friday, September 24, 2010

boston handmade bike show

Not sure why everything cool bike related has to happen at the same time,but regardless there was a Boston Handmade bike show last night. All the usual suspects (IF,Seven,Igleheart,Geekhouse) where there-although not with too many bikes in tow. 13 builders total.
2 new(to at least me) builders caught my eye. First up is Royal H Cycles. They had this road bike that was a nice mix of old and new-quill stem with Campy 11. My pictures don't do it justice, but this is the kind of bike my inner retro-grouch could get down with

nice detail work

front end

rear end. love those brakes. please excuse the elf.

Next up was Budd. He had a couple disc brake cross bikes on display. I saw the blue one racing in Williston, but couldn't get a good look at it. Very intense seat stays.

this was a big bike

this was the bike I saw getting raced

Brews were flowing and the DJ was making it happen, but I didn't last too long as we have another away game weekend of cyclocross.
I saw a real photographer there so hopefully these bikes get documented a little better than this.

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