Tuesday, December 14, 2010

best of 2010

These are some of my favorite records from 2010. I talked about them on here earlier in the year so I will just let the music do the talking. (apologies for that last hyper link) All of these are road tested good times.

ted leo -brutalist bricks. keep em coming. gets better with every listen.

Leatherface stormy petrel. Stubbs for Life. Sound on this is weak, but the footwork is excellent.

God is dead - Leatherface 2010-9-6 Tokyo@Kouenji HIGH from Spalding on Vimeo.

superchunk proof that bands don't have to suck as they grow older.

Superchunk - Digging For Something from Merge Records on Vimeo.

off! 1st ep. all 4 eps are good, but this one is perfect. more proof that old dudes can do it.

gaslight anthem-not original but I listened to it for most of the summer and fall. pretty good driving music

colesium -slowed down and pretty much one groove, but still a great record.

COLISEUM Blind In One Eye - Music Video from Coliseum on Vimeo.

daniel higgs-say god. double dose of higgs? yes please.

madball empire. road trip staple. sometimes dumb is just what you need.

castavet mound of ash-best record that I didn't listen too enough

dynamic truths- reissue of year and if they were still around, this would hands down be my record of the year. sadly can't track down any video.

A common thread amongst all these is the "veteran presence". I guess this was the year for the old bands and old dudes. Sorry new bands and young kids-maybe next year you can do it.

PS another absolute road trip staple was Brian Posehn "Fart and Weiner Jokes". classic. Slaaayyyyeeerrr!


Anonymous said...

1. TL/Rx - I thought I didn't like band geeks. Like high school band. And chorus. Oh well, guess I do.

2. Stubbs - Man what was that smack he was talking about border patrol and "his finger in me bum"!?!?! That was awesome.

3. Superchunk - OK, OK - I went and paid for the damn thing. There's 5 good songs on there anyway. Gabriel was singing "digging for something" with me yesterday. Cause, y'know, he likes digging.

4. Gaslight Anthem - Anyone who would go out of their way to wear a hat like that in a video is a schmo.

5. Coliseum - well, that's a disappointing followup.

6. Higgs gives me hoofprints on the ceiling of my mind.

7. Madball - Can't be that dumb, cause the dude's speaking another language which is something I can't accomplish. But seriously, I worry about you listening to this. It's like thinking Skrewdriver is cool. Or thinking any number of things are "so bad they're good". It just ain't.

8. What fart jokes? You holding back on me?

- D

Anonymous said...

Spending first day of 2011 reading everyone's "best of" lists, so far this has been the only one that I understand.

The Ted Leo and Superchunk picks are worthy just for the videos alone.

Solid list all the way around.