Saturday, December 4, 2010

signs you are over the season before the season is over

1. bike still dirty from last weekend
2. forgot that bike is in shop, not in basement
3. dirty kit is in car, I think....
4. ...hopefully everything else you need for the race is in your car
5. only openers you do the day before are on bottles and cans
6. fantasize about how fun a training ride to Harvard in the freezing rain would be
7. trainer covered in laundry
8. haven't checked points list on even looked at it all week
9. accepting wearing leg warmers cause you're too lazy to shave your legs
10.saturday night-did someone want to go out for a beer?


zencycle said...

I chatted up with someone the newbury comics team at quad 'cross earlier in the year. I had the 'done' week way earlier this year, mine was after sucker brook.

I found this blog in a really bizarre way. I was reading the Bike Jerks blog , and he mentioned the band Sleep. So I wiki'd Sleep, and and was amused by the phrase 'lysergic dirge'. So I googled 'lysergic dirge', and found the entry on nov 17 last year 'forge your own chains'. I was reading it, and saw the line "rainy drive to Lynn", and thought 'oh, boston dude'. So I check your profile and see you wearing a bike helmet, Small fucking world!

hog said...

zen cycle. that is a pretty twisted route.
small world indeed