Saturday, December 4, 2010

tombs fear is the weapon

If you read this blog, you should know I love Tombs. Fear is the Weapon is a 14 track collection of tracks from singles and splits with some demo tracks from the Winter Hours CD. Limited to 1000 and available from Relapse mailorder.
I have reviewed the Tombs/Plank split which was rad and the early singles. They are all still rad. Cheval Noir is a standout with the female vox. The last 4 tracks are demos. All killer songs from Winter Hours. Main difference to me is the vocals are a little more prominent. For "demos" these tracks all sound pretty fucking good-maybe better than a lot of the competitions A-game. These dudes are pretty much the perfect bridge between early 90s noise rock and what gets lumped in as metal or "extreme music" now a days. As a dork who has been listening to heavy music for a couple decades, these guys just get it and deliver the goods. Support it.

Artwork is rad and heavy on the hidden symbolism. Esoteric to say the least.

If that isn't enough David Cross loves them.
I kid, I kid.

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