Tuesday, March 8, 2011

me and multi-tools volume one. the early years.

Looking at my workbench and tool boxes, one thing is clear, I am obsessed with multi-tools. Not sure why or how it happened, but the evidence is irrefutable.
Probably started with a jack knife or swiss army knife. I know I have had several. But it really blossomed in my teens thanks to skateboarding.
This is most likely the first dedicated one sport multi tool I owned (true for a lot of old timers I'll bet)

This is probably my first "skate key". It got the job done, but left a lot to be desired. Thankfully as skateboarding blew up in the 80s so did the tool selection.
Which brings me to the Fix Stix

This thing was light years better than what I was working with. I loved this tool and still have 2 of them despite not having set up a board in 5 years.
Come on this thing had a bearing press!! Genius.

I found this is the random parts bin. Gullwing six pak? Here are 3. What were the other 3 parts of the pak? Someone chime in and remind me.

Skate tool innovation has continued, but I was starting to focus more on bikes than boards. Luckily for me the bike life is full of more multi tools than you could imnagine and this would further fuel my addiction.
At the end of the day, the most confusing part of my obsession with multi tools is that they are at best a pale imitation of the individual tools they collect(think the saw blade on a swiss army knife...). It would always be better to have a well stocked tool box at hand, but that isn't always possible. So I am always searching(like a desperate boy scout) for the next multi tool.

part 2 on the way

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