Tuesday, March 8, 2011

multi tools part three. the random grand finale

Over the years there are a lot of things that end up in the tool box. Here are a few. Some normal.Some not so much
The leatherman is pretty much the default multi tool for life. This one still had dried fish guts on it when I took it out for a picture. For 99% of humanity, just like a cell phone, this should never be attached to your belt in public.

Noting says practical like the old tri spoke tool. Nut driver in this case, but works just as well with allen wrenches

Swiss army "card" not sure what costanza wallet this was supposed to fit in. Xmas gift gone wrong

One of a couple mystery multi tools I have bought at yard sales? Worth a buck for sure.

The Exhumer gets multiple photos because of it's name and cause you can open a beer with it(cause nothing goes better with demolition than drinking????)

All good things come to an end and thankfully even things like this as well. This will be the final installment on my multi tool obsession.... for now

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the major said...

The exhumer got me out of so much trouble when i was a poor carpenter's assistant in RVA