Friday, April 6, 2007

Black Cobra Bestial CD

Black Cobra "Bestial" cd. If you missed the glory days of amrep style noise bands, this in one you'll enjoy. Ex Cavity and 16 dudes rock a mix of those bands sludgey groove with a little more harsh rock(unsane,drunktank, black tail). Buzzoven are an obvious influence. Vocals manage to avoid the generic production that makes so many heavier bands sound the same. Good grooves and memorable riffs. 11 songs on At a Loss recordings. "Broken on the Wheel" is hopefully a Conan reference. Terrifying cover art of the might kraken is a bonus. A whole lot of fucking noise for a two piece band.
The worst thing about reviewing records is when they're good there isn't much to say except buy it, but when they suck, there isn't much point in saying all the mean shit that is fun to write.

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