Tuesday, April 3, 2007

LSD comp LP on Schizophrenic Records

Schizophrenic Records complies a bunch of hard to get(if not impossible to get) Japanese Hardcore from LSD. 83-86. Limited to 100 on Green Vinyl, this will probably disappear fast. 20 tracks. Japanese Hardcore is a love it or leave it proposition. These guys have a twisted take on the hardcore formula. Not as metal as Gism and not as fast as later bands like Lip Cream. Harsh vocals and a fast and furious delivery is what they are bringing. Negative Approach kind of thing heading towards some Motorheady Swedish crusty type sound. Production has that not quite right feel of other older Japanese records I have heard which can add to the fucked brilliance of the compositions. I will not claim to be an expert on Japanese Hardcore(remember that killer zine from Providence of that name? Drummer for Drop Dead did it if I remember correctly), but this is a killer record/reissue, Side one is studio. Side 2 is live.

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