Friday, April 6, 2007

Koro 12" on Sorrry State

Koro put out the hard to get 700 Club 7" in 1983 and were pretty standard early 80s hardcore. I think the legend of the single is greater than the music. You would see this on every one's want lists back in the early 90s (along with other "better in theory" rarities like Sons of Ishmael Hayseed Hardcore) Where are all the record trade list's now a days? How many of the same records are still on there?
There was bootleg of the 7" that came out in the 90s. This is 11 tracks recorded back in 82 but remastered and released in 2006. Excellent packaging with a good interview with guitarist Carl Snow.
The band was tight and fast, but not quite as aggressive as the DC or Detroit bands of the same era. They have a slight Cali or Midwestern feel to me. Lyrics are more in the fucked up suburbia vein than raging politics. This record isn't going to unseat bands like No Labels or Neon Christ from my top ten 80s hardcore bands, but it is still well done generic 80s hardcore and that is what makes it good.

Sorry State put a lot of effort into this. Cover and inserts are all killer.

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