Monday, June 4, 2007

Boston Chinks

The band name alone is reason enough to pick up the single to see what is going on. Add to that the label, Goner, and the song title Coltrane and you have an intriguing mix. What is the Memphis super label up to? Are these guys from Boston? If not what is a boston chink? and how will this entangle John Coltrane in the blown out punk web of Memphis/Goner scene?
The tunes are not quite what you would expect. 4 songs Simple catchy punk tunes. To me it's got a real English vibe. The riffs hearken back to classic late 70s Brit punk/oi/power pop. Production is standard blown out Goner style. Nice curveball as I was expecting some blues-punk stomp. Also reminiscent of Ohio band Gaunt. These guys have got the hooks, the riffs, the whatever. Classic 45 even if I still don't know what a Boston Chink is.

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Anonymous said...

They got the name from graffiti on a wall in Boston that said 'Boston Chinks go home'