Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cannonball Adderly Mercy Mercy Mercy b/w Games 45

This was 45 was taken from the "mercy,mercy,mercy live at the club.." LP. Turns out it was recorded in the studio and the shouting are some drunken guests told to liven things up.
Joe Zawinul's "mercy,mercy,mercy" is some soulful late night groove a la Mingus at his prayer meeting best. Nice building chorus with the swelling volume making up for the steady tempo. The "audience noise" is a nice touch.
"Games" is a more upbeat rollicking Nat composition that is equally as good.

Own the LP, and would highly recommend grabbing it if you don't, but this 45 does hold 2 of its best tracks. Capitol Records #5798. If you ever need to know anything about Cannonball Adderly records check here That is an extnsive and extremely complete collection there!
And yes this another one from the Brighton Yard Sale Score (BYSS)

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