Thursday, June 7, 2007

Eccentric Soul Prix Label

This collection of Columbus's Prix label starts off strong with Eddie Ray's "Wait a Minute" -which has a very familiar intro and bridge-think Sam and Dave who he was an early associate of. 19 tracks from 70-73 make up the 15th Eccentric Soul comp from the Numero Group. As usual liner notes and photos are top notch. They scored a treasure trove of unreleased tracks for this one. Definitely a harder 70s funk edge in evidence on many tracks-mainly in a heavier guitar at times. OSF Unlimited are up next and drop an afro influenced funkstremental with a big conga breakdown. Joe King is on here twice, but it isn't the one from NH that wrote "kicked out of the webelos". This King drops some Southern Soul sounds. The Royal Esquires are no joke and "Ain't gonna Run" is a mega upbeat track. Tempation-esqe? Mitch Mitchell drops a funky organ driven jam called, "Can't get a Nuff" Tight. A lot of these songs have a subtle catchiness-they don't bash you over the head with a huge hook, but they are the kind of tracks you could play forever and not get burned out on. This is evidenced by the Soul Ensemble's "Melon Jelly". Marion Black drops an epic track "Listen Black Brother" a wandering flute and sax driven urban lament. OSF Unlimited come back with the funky masterpiece "Mr.Kidney" God Damn! Top track of the comp for sure! Marion Black comes a lot more focused on funy on "Come on and Gettit" Yes Gettit is one word. He does some serious James Brown grunting on this one.
The story of this label and it's relation to a small recording studio is pretty cool.
This is another banger from the Numero Group and may be the best one yet.

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