Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Packers Hole in the Wall/Go Head On 45

Pure Soul Music is the label for this Packers 45 from 1966 or there abouts. "Hole in the Wall" is an instro workout that should bring to mind Northern Soul classic "Wade in the Water". It is spiced up with some male and female talking in the background and some percussion.
"Go Head On" has a more organ driven groove, but breaks back into some more nimble piano work. Both songs have wicked jazzy grooves. Dance floor killer, but they avoid the usually heavy handed instro stomp and repeat that so many standards use. Even this barely "good" quality of this copy, doesn't detract from the tunes.
Every copy I have seen of this single is usually beat up which I can only think stands as a testament to its power as a party starter.

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