Friday, July 13, 2007


Well my hope for a breakaway yesterday was not rewarded. Good win for Pozzatto. A lot of crashes and mechanicals.
When Vino says "I'll be back" about coming back from yesterday's crash, do you think he is even aware of how funny that is? His crash and lost time yesterday is no joke thought. Losing a minute plus right befor the Alps can't be good.
Serious bad luck for Asatan yesterday as Kloden crashed as well and was thought to have broken his tailbone. Ouch. Guess it's up to Salvodelli and Kashecken.
Respect to Pozzatto, keeps the Liquigas win streak rolling.
Finally does Millar have to wear those hideous retro 90s Oakley's until he wins a stage?

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Anonymous said...

I thought TDF was a Japanese grindcore band. - D