Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pre Tour Musings

No predictions yet just some random thoughts.
No Riis at the tour. This is BS. Will Virenque be around in some ceremonial capacity? Riis absence could benefit Carlos Sastre? His relationship with Riis does not seem as tight as the Basso/Riis connection. Maybe Sastre will be more free to attack. Leiphemer/Disco without Johann would be a disaster, but CSC seems like it can pull it off.
Valverde is a longshot, I have more faith in Vladmir Karpets at this point.
Does Christophe Moreau have a chance? or will his from fade in the tough mountains of week 2? He clearly is a strong as he ever will be and like Vino, this could be his last chance.
Will Contador or Popoyvch be ready to fly if Leiphmer fumbles?
Lampre is working over Brushegin making Ol'Brontolo do back to back GTs. They seem to have two sprinters which could be a problem. I am hoping Tadej Valjavec is up to it and shows some form.
Menchov as been quieter than a "man in black" all season. Pressure must be on him for results.
Milram now have a lead out train with no Ale-Jet, good for Zabel.
Will Zabriske escpae the crash curse and get to Paris?

Check this site out it rules.

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