Thursday, July 5, 2007


The Wildweeds dropped this Van Morrisony soulful 45 on Cadet in 1967. Straight out of Windsor CT! "No Good to Cry" is a kicking garage number with a blue eyed soul feel that got covered by the Moving Sidewalks! Something about this almost has a Jam quality to it-must be the bass and drums breakdown. A monster tune at the cross roads of garage, soul, and pop rock. Nice. Good for a summer mixtape.
"Never Mind" on the flip is more of a straight ahead late 60s US rocker. A more garagey Creedence maybe? The Van Morrison feel is still here.
Singer/Guitarist Al Anderson went on to NRBQ so check his early brilliance here.
One of the craziest things about singles like this is a couple of keystrokes on google about a band you've never heard of brings you not only info but directs you to their website or myspace page. Check their website to see video footage. Audio too.

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