Thursday, February 8, 2007

Loose use of vocabulary

I spend too much time on ebay buying and selling records........The mis-use of the "KBD" acronym has to stop. I realize how hard it is to get your auctions seen by the most people, but calling a new black flag shirt or a mid 90s straightedge comp "killed by death" is not going to help. Do you think anyone that searches using "KBD" will look at that or just get annoyed? Maybe I wouldn't get so agitated if I wasn't up ha fl the night looking for gizmos 45s, but either way cut the shit. If it is after84 don't call it KBD-and that is generous. Most record nerds would draw the line around 81-82. Snotty punk bands from So-Cal are not KBD. They can try all they want, but it can't happen unless they have time machine. Doesn't matter if it is "limited to 100". Get over it.It is bad enough that you can't type in "emo" without getting 20 pages of my chemical romance wristbands. This is another bonus annoyance, when did "emo" become pop-punk with make up? Dischord makes it tough, since the original home of emo has gone heavy on the art and indy rock. Emo as in "emotional hardcore". As in bands that didn't turn metal. Bands that broke up after one lp,demo, or show. Emo used to mean DC bands from 86(embrace, rites of spring, revolution summer etc) and bands influenced by them. Bands that wanted to play powerful music, but avoid the generic hardcore goon and cross-over scene that was developing back then, How hard is that to keep straight? Some shithead in a band that sounds like NOFX moaning about not getting laid is pop punk, Some dingbat in a marching band uniform and make up is ,,,,,,,, you got me, but it is not emo. If you aren't dressed like a gas station attendant, wearing a wool cap in the summer, digging threw record bins looking for that Ignition 7" on Orange wax you are not emo. These things make me mental. It's like seeing a Harry Connick reviewed as free jazz. It makes no fucking sense.

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Mr. Castle said...

Yeah, that Connick can blow!