Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thighs of Thunder

The man with the best thighs since Andrea Tafi brought the pain today. I would start to worry about Paris Roubaix right about now. I know it's only 2.1 miles but come on, he was flying.
Most importantly go to Belgian Knee Warmers for an unbelievable array of photos direct from the pits. Anyone else see the electronic shifting Dura Ace??? Props to BKW for the coverage! Also check the rear brake cable routing on those Slipstream Felt TT bikes. Damn! Velonews gets in close on Wiggin's custom bar set up. Wiggin's always turns up with the tight custom gear. Lucky him.
Finally, HighRoad's kit is kinda lame, but also looks like some late 70s/early80s BMX logo. Maybe they can get a song written about them by Fu Manchu?

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