Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week in Cycling

So much went on as I wrestled with some flu demons, not an easy way to lose 5 pounds but I'll take it.
Pettachi makes it 4 in a row last week at Costa degli Etruschi. Can't take anything from that kind of consistency.
Mallorca challenge usually the battleground for Oscar Friere has seen the a new array of sprinters taking scalps. Phillipe Gilbert got two stages indicating some good form with San Remo on the way. Maybe it is time for Gilbert to kick it up a notch for a classic win? Pozzatto got a win yesterday showing he to is getting ready. Less than 30 days to go for that.

Rock racing has again provided some last minute/last ditch fireworks at the TOC. There starting line up will be 5 not 8 as Sevilla, Hamilton, and Botero will not be allowed to start. Hamilton better get used to this view of the peleton. Maybe he can hand out bottles and mussettes...... I can only imagine what satorial splendor Cipo will bless us with! Finally California has rubbed off on Fred Rodriguez who looks like he is channeling Eazy-E here. I wonder how the other Rock Racing riders feel about those three empty spots? It looked like Team mastermind Mike Ball was ready to ride it himself when he strode intto the press conference in full team kit??? Maybe it makes his bullshit more aero??
Puerto re-opened??? Shit or get off the pot. Or maybe cut the shit. The problem is who is still doping and what are they on? Not what happened when Hamilton and Liberty Segouras were still in the peleton. Sure Levi, how about the Tour of Poland,Ireland, or Birkino Fasso? This site is right up there with FreeFloyd and BeliveTyler. Give me a break. The exclusion is clearly not fair or a good decision, but as the ASO might say C'est la vie. You are old, life is not fair. Sorry.
Everyone keeps saying "everything has changed" at Astana and I wonder if maybe one too many things changed AKA-Brunyeel perhaps? New riders, new doping controls, but a very old school DS with a lot of innuendo and poor decisions in his background
So TOC and Ruta del Sol kick off the stage race action for the week.
Lastly want to give props to the online het volk and gazzetta della sport sites. Het Volk has a huge spread on the crash that took out Alberto Loddo in langakawi and they seem to have a big photo report once a week and the gazzetta has a cool video player that had a funny Asatana training ride-the one with the fully mummified Contador.
We are rapidly approaching what will be one of the coolest race weeeks. March 1st through the 8th. Starts with Het Volk and wraps with the Monte Paschi Eroica. An old classic and a new favorite which should benefit from this earlier in the year position. Kurne Brussels Kurne in the middle is strictly for the Belgo-phile, but so is the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen aka the "Johan Museew Classic" that falls this week. Wrap it up with Milan-Turino, Tour of Murcia and you've got a lot to look forward to.
Now where can I watch that prologue coverage? OH right Versus, who give daily coverage to the TOC, but give 1 DAY!! of Vuelta coverage? It is a fucking grand tour. Just skip it instead. Ouch.

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