Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TOC Stage 2

I hate to go against Bikesnob, but the return of Mario is a nice subplot in the TOC and the only bright sport for Rock Racing. He outsprints Cavendish yesterday? Never mind beating Ciolek, Haedo, and Freire. With no lead out train???? Come on. That is awesome. Not to overshadow Tornado Tomeke's first win on US soil or anything, but middle aged dudes everywhere were cheering after this one.
Cyclingnews had a good run down on the "Cippolini" bikes which are aluminum?? who would have guessed. That was about the best tech feature from yesterday. Some unique bike set ups on team Jelly Belly as well....
Today should be an epic stage if it doens't get spoiled by snow (same could be said for this weekend in NE).
Well another day of going cross eyed staring at bike photos awaits..........

PS yesterday's stage results at the Ruta Del Sol show some young guns coming into form. Pettachi's win on an uphill finish was a surprise, but Visconti and Ricco look to be prepping for good seasons.

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