Friday, February 15, 2008

TOC predictions

GC looks like a showdown between CSC and Astana. Despite CSC having an overall stronger team, the edge goes to Astana who have a lot to prove and maybe not too many other races to do it in. CSC and Quickstep have strong teams, but maybe with more guys building for the classics (O'Grady, Cancellara,Boonen,Bettini, etc)
Teams High Road and Slipstream also have a lot to prove or live up to. Edge goes to Slipstream who have the stronger team.
Rare appearance by Oscar Friere which is cool. Always a threat to snatch a stage or two.
Rock Racing have purged Hamilton,Sevilla, and Botero from the list leaving them 5 on the starting line. Much suck to have been past over for one of the big three right about now. Not much support for Pena,Creed, or Rodriguez. With a cloud over LeoGrande, will they even start five? No hope of a early circuit Hamiton crash anymore.
With all the Grand Tour drama, doping drama, and Rock racing drama this should be a race set for some fireworks and Astana are going to have to work hard to keep it under control.
Overall Podium Leipheimer, Zabriskie, Jason McCartney. How is that for a longshot?

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