Monday, March 31, 2008

Prognostication Devastation

So how did my predicitions pan out?
As far as the E3, I called Weylandt, Hoste, and Pozzatto. Missed that by a mile. My choices came in at 13th,36th, and 89th (also known as last). At least this was an exciting race.
In the Criterium International, I faired a little better. My big 3 were Julich,Zabriskie, and Voigt. I got Jens, but a ridiculous 7 minute gap took Dave Z out of contention. So my choices finished 1st, 35th, and 62nd.
And to wrap up my Jimmy the Greek phase at the Brabantse Pijl. I went with Nuyens, Visconti, and Freire. Makes me almost look smart. They finished 4th, 8th, and 37th. Chavenel is having the season of a lifetime.
Freire and Boonen streaks over. Jens still going strong.
So with a week to go until Flanders there are a lot of guys looking strong Boonen,Cancellara,Flecha, Nuyens, Gilbert, Chavenel.
This week should be filled with Classic tech, reconnaisance ride photo shoots and wild gossip about who can do it at Flanders. Cannot Wait!

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