Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guest Rant-Tuesday AM Commute

This Guest Rant hit my inbox yesterday, enjoy

There he was, stopped at the red light. Full Tweed Ensemble. Pasty white skin that never sees sunlight directly, just lights up when it peeks out from the edges of the cloth. You can picture him arriving late for his Poetry Slam grand entrance and tripping in front of whatever was posing as an audience. Light turns green as I glide toward the intersection. He’s got a head start on his Mongoose and standing on the pedals he manages to take ¾ of the lane, preventing all cars from passing and momentarily preventing myself from getting around him without heading into oncoming traffic. And then out of his unzipped backpack pops his umbrella. It clatters in front of me and somehow I throw myself to the left and manage to avoid it from leaping into my spokes, without hitting the sleepy chick driving the Pontiac Gran Ma.

Enough. I head into the break between cars in the oncoming lane and cutting it close I begin to go past him, just in time to see the Bicycling Magazine trying to escape from his ever widening backpack.

That’s who reads Bicycling Magazine.

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