Wednesday, April 2, 2008

HTFU part 3

So O'Grady and Meares are in the HTFU hall of fame and now so is Gerben Löwik. I know it seems unlikely that this Jeff Spicoli looking Dutchman could make the cut, but here is the proof from
Löwik was only six kilometres in to the weekend's race when he was unable to avoid a pothole in the road and went down. He got back up though and continued on his way. "I got back into the group after the crash, but let [directeur sportif Erik] Dekker know that I had considerable pain in my arm," the rider told "I just couldn't keep up. 10 kilometres later, he told me, 'if you turn off here, you can probably ride along the canal back to the hotel'."
Löwik did that and rode the 40 km back to the Holiday Inn in Gent. "With some shoes I borrowed from the hotel reception, I stepped into my car and drove to the hospital," he added. "There they found a cracked bone. I got a cast on it and drove home. I'll miss two weeks. Last year I missed the Ronde van Vlaanderen because I broke my hand in De Panne."

There you have it, when was the last time you road 10K with a broken arm and then drove yourself to the hospital in someone else's shoes? Harden the Fuck Up!

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