Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fleche Wallone

The final climb of the Mur De Huy is one of the most brutal finishes of any one day classic. Watching the slow motion pained sprint amongst those going for the gold is alway a thrill
Who will take it today? Amstel heralded some new faces coming into form. I'm calling
Valverde, Ricco, and Frank Schleck.
Interesting to watch the GT guys like Evans,Schelck,Cunego, Sastre for signs of form in the months to come.
For a real person's take on riding the Mur check here or here.

Tour of Georgia is pretty tame right now, hopefully the TTT and Brasstown liven it up. At least no one has let a break get 20+ minutes.
Giro Trentino has all the major protagonists for the Giro squaring off. Opening time trial didn't reveal much except for NGC Medical-OTC Industrial winning and showing there is some reason they should be in the Giro rather than a Pro-Tour team. It has been won the last two years by Cunego, so someone else gets a turn this year! Probably one of the old guard like DiLuca,Simoni,Garzelli, but maybe someone like Gasporatto could snatch the win and further piss of the killer!

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