Tuesday, April 22, 2008

random bike shit

So I broke my Fondriest and had to buy a new frame-should be a joyous occasion but I am on a budget, pressed for time, and this is cutting into my cross bike money (which puts me even further away than my kids four years of college from this-that is a bike!)
Got a Specialized E5 Aerotec kinda S-works "demo" frame. 05 frmame but with flat black carbon seat stays with zertz inserts. Never went into production. Looks cool, is stiff, and light. Same color as the Fondriest and the position is pretty close out of the box so not a bad deal. I still haven't gone through all the stages of grief over the Fondriest, but maybe by the end of summer I will have come to grips with it and maybe I will be back on an Italian ride before I am in diapers (Specialized get some Italo-cred via the Super Mario/Bettini connection)
New Wheels are good-despite a blowout during the Myles Standish race Sunday which reduced what should have been a nice day out to a 10 mile sub par more driving than riding frustration fest. They held up like champs on Saturday's hammerfest, but so much for trusting ultralight tubes. Michelin air lights-two thumbs down. The Myles Standish course was a five mile loop that was up and down, bumpy, curvy, and pretty fun-but not so fun to walk. Thanks to the Cyclonauts dude that let me ride in the back of his truck to the parking lot!
I have had a seasons worth of malfunctions so far this year and am not stoked.
Like tonights training ride for example. Get home and pump up my tires, back tire gives up the ghost. At this point, it's hard to tell if its the tube or the paper thin Veloflex Pave that I won't retire. The "race wheel" is sitting without a tire waiting to have the funky burr on the rim filed off. So I am forced to dig deep into the depths of my SSC service course stockpile. Back to reality. I have one last pair of Paribas and figure why not ,and on one goes. Kysriums with Paribas. Old and New together. Nice.
I used to ride these tires constantly and it's hard to believe this is the end.
More news on if they ride as well as I remember later.
So in the last 3 weeks I have demo'd a frame, my shoes, rear tire, dinged the rim on my new wheels. WTF. Never mind driving more than racing last weekend and gas costing more than I want to think about. Arghhh.
Big races coming up the next two weekends should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

Those skinny tires remind me of "bearing covers" , I mean new jack skateboard wheels that all the tech/trick kids ride. Rim covers for bikes. Congrats on the new bike. Was there foul play involved to get a new frame?