Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tro Bro Leon

The name of this race always gave me a chuckle cause it sounded like some BC college jock talk "yo bro" or whatever. Little did I know it was considered the "little" Paris Roubaix or Enfer D'Ouest. Out in Brittany against the Atlantic in Badger country. They got wind, rain, and mud this year. If it wasn't for cyclingnews photo spread on it, I would have just assumed it was a second tier French Continental race (which I guess it is, but the dirt and cobbles aspect makes it rad). You know a race is tough when the race website shows a rider holding a flat tire yelling for a spare as the poster!
Won this year by FDJ's Frédéric Guesdon(97 winner or Roubaix by the way) with other former winners including Said Haddou(07),Baden Cooke,Jacky Durand, and Jo Plankaert.
I know I will be keeping a closer eye on this race next year and trying to track down that DVD as well!
Looking at the dirt road action started to get me pumped for my late summer revenge on the D2D Deerfield Dirt Radonee. Revenge is Sweet!
It also reminded me of a blog I ran across that was pretty rad Rough Riders -Any bike, Anywhere. Check it out!

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