Saturday, June 21, 2008

bob evans -another forgotten classic

That Husker Du video I threw up the other day got me thinking about other classic three pieces of the past. Bob Evans sprang to mind and it is amazing how far down in the cracks this band seems to have fallen. Originally from NJ, but for most of their lifespan near Boston. Thanks to that, I got to see them countless times and they remain one of the best live bands I ever saw. Equal parts Husker Du and Bitch Magnet. Big massive rock.
They released 3 CDs on Skene and a final "major label debut" on Elektra/Skene. There were also a couple demo tapes, some comp tracks, a slpit single, and an Euro-only "greatest hits".
You can check out some songs on their myspace page.
It is a classic example of everything that is fucked with contemporary music that their "major label debut" The Bradley Suite can be had by you for as little as a penny on amazon. And their hands down classic top ten record of the 90s -"Jersey Barrier" will only set you back 65 cents??? Insane. I would imagine prices in any college town that still has a used cd store shouldn't be much more severe either. Buy it, Download it, Find it.
I don't want to let the nostalgia of long drives following these guys around cloud my vision, but imagine a DC meets Minneapolis version of Led Zeppelin and you are getting close. They were also one of the loudest and most powerful live bands I can remember seeing. They pulled it off while remaining some regular dudes.

While trying to dig around for any cool BE videos or music online, I found that Dave G has a band going with his wife. Check it here.

It is also worth giving some props to Minneapolis based label Skene who put out Bob Evans as well as a host of other good records. Phleg Camp, Jawbreaker, Green day, Fuel, Trenchmouth,-they all had some records out on Skene.

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