Monday, June 16, 2008

OCD on bike colors Top Five

1.SE Racing blue/brown combo. Seemed a little wrong in my youth, but has stood the test of time and next to the #2 is for me the definitive choice for bike color. Check this out for proof.
2.Merckx/Molteni Orange/Blue. Not much else to say. Timeless classic.
3.DeVlaeminck had the edge for coolest jersey, but a basic blue Gios has never grabbed me. However a maroon Colnago does do the trick-worked for Saronni and works in modern times.
4.Merckx is back for his 7-11 frames. Classic color scheme-which he came close to with again Motorola, but not quite.
5.So I guess I am a traditionalist. Solid colors and panels seem to rule my favs. No Landshark paint splatters,fades, flames, or extreme masking jobs. Although this frame has grown on me over the years. Very Italian, but the flat black works for me. Can't say why cause the pink and blue Lampre kit is Ugly.

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