Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Night

Another wild Friday night. Twin Towers here was my art project. Almost as good as pickles and hardboiled eggs.
Up first an oddball, Who knew. If you like that check Doublecross which is a killer edge nostalgia blog.
Next up, The Black Oven. You know I don't cook, but if I did black metal baking might be it!
I could probably throw in some Visconti/Carrotop/Gotti kids separated at birth, but I predict Bettini's protege will out perfrom his manscaping. If not this year,soon.
Last up, if you liked "emo" before it meant mall rats in make up, check out Usedbinforever which has some nice downloads of some obscure vinyl nuggets.
Good news is the Gazzetta della Sport has a new translation feature so you can get all the Giro coverage translated way better than babelfish.
Big news is Pettachi getting sacked. If he could get wins without a dedicated lead out train, maybe he would have kept his job. Sounds like a bunch of lead out men will be in search of work next year. Sprinters who can get it down on their own are always more impressive-McEwen, Freire,etc.

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