Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonka -forgotten heros

There are thousands of bands who put out a couple singles and disappeared. Some of them manage to throw some petty amazing songs onto those 7"s before they fade away.
Tonka were a band out of SC back in the early 90s?
They had this one song that recently got stuck in my head. Early mornings getting up to ride have made me obsess about getting some coffee and getting motivated so it's no surprise that a song with a lyric like "my first cup of coffee.." would swim up from the dark recesses of my mind. Was it on this record or the "southern by the grace of god" comp7". There was a cool bunch of bands from this area that all had 7"s out on a label called Assorted Porkchops.
Their myspace profile gets it right-kinda Rites of Spring mixed with Jawbreaker. I would add a heavy dose of Crimpshine/Cometbus as well. DC meets East Bay via South Carolina. Think skate vidoe soundtrack-back when they were good! Half the band went on to Assfactor 4, who were a little more popular, but Tonka will always be tops for me.
Apparently you can still get the singles here and a discography CD is in the works! Nice, but so much for it turning up on "Killed by Emo" vol one!

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