Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boonen vs Rick James?

1.I might be missing something here, but with what little facts there are about Boonen and cocaine, I don't understand why everyone is bugging out. Is it a well known, yet unspoken fact that Boonen has a Rick James like coke problem? The VanHoppen accusations didn't seem to stand up when he got busted a year ago.
The whole speeding and drunk driving thing may tie into a pattern of him coming off the rails, but it's not conclusive to me.
We should at least give him half as many chances as we gave Darryl Strawberry or Vin Baker(nice playoffs reference!). If he isn't a bugged out Pookie level coke head, he just shot his contract negotations in the foot. You know LeFevre is crossing out zeros as we speak and if Boonen sits for the TDF, he will see a serious paycut from Quickstep and probably not to many competing offers.

2.For some reason right now I am more excited about the Tour de Beauce than the Dauphine. A Hincapie stage win doesn't get me any more interested either.Even if it means the appearance of three words rarely associated with each other "George Hincapie Attacks..." Next few days of the Dauphine should be goood despite my lack of interest. Valverde is looking good. Beauce is always good for a breakout performance by someone, but the Euro presence isn't quite as stong this year.

3.Campy going to 11 speed seems like a bad move. More pointless than necessary. Not sold on these new hoods either. And as far as bringing back Super-Record? I will wait and see, but am expecting more excess than increased performance. The made a huge move when they finally abandoned the square taper BB. Hopefully these next advancements are another push forward.

4.In totally random racing news the Tour of Prince Edwards Island has a team from Cycle-loft/NEBC racing in it with their rider Leda Cox in 5th overall. Which given the Celts loss last night and Okijima's continued 8th inning struggles, may be Massachusett's best athletic performance.

5. The Tom Danielson climbing video making the rounds online is not really that impressive. Everyone knows the kid can ride alone uphill fast. Show me some footage of him successfully battling for position on a narrow road. And ditch the P.O.D, this is cycling not Ozz-fest. TD seems to have the video blog bug cause he just made another one??

5. Can this fucking heatwave wrap up already???

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