Friday, June 13, 2008

Riding not Thinking

A lot of my rides lately have been shitty. Equipment issues. Repair issues. No time issues. You name it. More stressed out and jammed in where they can fit, rather than epic, poetic, mega etc. Yesterday I got out for only an hour, but it was a sunny, early evening and it ruled. Usual loop through Concord. About half way through,I realized I had reached that perfect zone of "riding not thinking". Just hammering away enjoying shadows and scenery. The setting sun and breeze making all the fields look cool.
I also realized it was the kind of day I had been begging for in winter and spring training posts. A "just change into shorts and a jersey and go out the door" day. No additional gear needed. Perfect. Cool enough to avoid the salt stained, sunburned corpse look(that will be for Saturday), but warm enough to make dressing a no brainer. The kind of day you don't want to head for home.
Bike is back(new and improved). Tan lines starting to pop in. Nice.

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