Monday, June 9, 2008

Subscription Cards in Magazines

One thing I have always hated (not to get all Andy Rooney on you) is the stupid subscription card(s) that fall out of any magazine you buy. It was annoying when there were two. Now most magazines have 2-4 loose ones and a couple fixed in place usually with some space age snot like adhesive. This sucks. I have never been convinced I needed to subsribe to a magazine by having an annoying useless piece of paper fall into my lap-or onto the floor. I am laying in bed trying to read a magazine and getting covered in cards asking me to subscribe. Not so effective a strategy-piss of the customer. So they suck, but what amazes me is when they are still jammed into magazines that arrive at my house because I do subscribe to them??? WTF? How can my home copy have a uniques "subscription cover", but still have the stupid cards in them??? Get your shit together.

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