Friday, July 4, 2008

Bike Blog Round Up

4th of July weekend. Go ride a bike. But if you have any spare time check these out.
Bicylce Design showed a cool self serve bike parts machine here. Very interesting.
Cool interview with Scott Sunderland here. Riding advice,humor, and a ghetto-tech innovation.
Already metioned the JV interview, but check out some of the other things at the times online. Such as this Chris Boardman super secret track parts article. He is really starting to look like Mr.Bean.

More cool food and parts list for the tour at the slipstream blog. Full on drool as you read about all those parts....

Super funny regrets list here.

And you might think you are deep in the bike game. You might think you are rolling deep with gear and tools but do you have this? Come on. You know you are deeepp in the game when you have a 100 meter roll of this hanging around! You wouldn't want to use just any tin wire to tye and soder your spokes would you. Before you do watch out Jobst Brandt says it doesn't help. Tell that to every old Belgian at Roubaix!

And Fitchburg-Longso starts tomorrow. So keep an eye on some racing in Mass.

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