Sunday, June 29, 2008

National Championships

Where to start. Valverde's win confirms he has some good form, but wih Caisse d'Epargne having 14 guys in the race, one of them should have one. What is crazy is Oscar Rock Racing Sevilla in second only 1 second away from the win?????? How long will he stay with La Roc Familia? If Valverde can hold this form and avoid his endless stream of bad luck in France, he will be hard to beat.
In Belgium we have J├╝rgen Roelandts and yes like you I had to google that name to look for results. He is 23 and this is his first win of the year. Nice one! Boonen in 5th. Sadly Tom Steels rode this as his last race and finished 30th
France's champion will be Nicolas Vogondy for the 2nd time. Big win for Agributel.
And in a huge suprise, Lance Armstrong's nemesis,Filippo Simeoni gets the win in Italy! At 37 years old that is a huge win-beating youngsters like Visconti and Pozzatto.
David Millar will be returning to Argyle for the tour as Robert Hayles took the win inG Great Britian
Wegman for Germany. Frank Schleck for Luxemborg. Lars Boom for Holland? Apparently he isn't just a young cyclocross sensation

CSC and Asatana seem to have the most riders winning championships and Slipstream have the most guys returning to their traditional argyle.

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