Monday, July 14, 2008

Hell up on Hautacam

Pretty epic stage. As I was watching the attacks and counter attacks, I was starting to wonder if maybe the lack of decisive knockout was due to a more level playing field? Whatever the reason it makes for a fun race to watch. I also got to watch the race about 3 times as VS kept replaying it.
Why did Milram chase so hard? They missed out on the break, but who did they have for GC? Maybe Slipstream called in a favor?
The "jump out of your car in your underwear" ad is funny.
Rémy Di Grégorio went for it and that was doomed but admirable.
Check the replay, around 70K in Oscar Friere appears to be fiddling with his shoes and maybe planning on changing them while holding onto the team car-watch the tape and tell me if I'm wrong.
Spanairds take the loss today. Valverde got some bad luck on top of some bad riding. Sastre had his team blow the race up, but couldn't deliver the goods. Jens Voigt went off like a bomb on the Tourmelat. That was unreal and Sastre couldn't seal the deal. People rag on Evans for following wheels, but no one ever seems to comment on Sastre's attacks that never work.

Hats off to Saunier Duval. How many times will Piepoli and Ricco be able to do the 2 stage victory trade off? Cobo rode like a beast.
Vandevelde rode well and even if his last K attack fizzled, it was rad to see him attack.
Unless there are some major shake ups in the alps, the stage 20 ITT is going to be crucial and may decide the race on the 2nd to last day.

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