Thursday, July 17, 2008

RaceMaster. What is in a name

BMC have always come out with some unique designs. The new "race master SLX01" continues that tradition. Supposedly cheaper and stiffer than the Pro-Machine. It wins on looks as well for me.
I was never a fan of the lower shorter seat stays. I think I first saw them on LeMond Chambrey ,maybe, but somehow they work with this bike. Supposed to stiffen up the frame and make it respond more aggressively to a turn of the pedals. The unpainted frame looks sick and the painted frame definitely looks like it would live up to its claims.
There are a few bikes out now that just look fast. But some bikes look they are meant to nothing but race and race fast-the Fuji SL1 for example. The SLX01 is one too. So sick, it transcends the goofy tech paint job and uber logo attack.

But what really seals the deal for me is the name. Isn't Switzerland one of those pseudo-Aryan countries with limited senses of humour? That would explain how the might miss the whole irony of the "race master" VS "master race" thing with the frames name. Oops. The hills are alive with the sound of "DOH!!!"

The only possible downside to this bike is not being able to ride it fast enough.

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