Monday, July 14, 2008

Cabellero Neck

The entrance to the pain cave is small and hard to enter. I have noticed that my body has a subtle transformation it goes through to help me ease into the cave. The first sign of system failure for me on a ride is when my neck drops down and to the left-not unlike the the legendary Faction shredder. Now with my overall height reduced slightly, I can roll right into the cave. Thanks body.
Once the neck goes the rest of my body usually follows-shoulders start to roll, cadence gets erratic. Sagging. Shutting down. Sad but true.
A sagging neck is probably not as cool as a random throbbing vein in your leg, but I am no Fausto Coppi. (Since most people know this story, I choose a site with the most random English translation ever of the infamous vein story and Coppi vs Bartali rivalry. ESL gone wrong.)

And what is going on in this clip? Does Cab have on bib shorts under his gear?

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