Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zomes ST

The unmistakable sound of Asa Osbourne's guitar drones through the new Zomes CD. The sound causes an almost Pavlovian anticipation of Dan Higgs voice. A voice that never comes. 16 short instrumentals. They all sort of drift in and drift out. Asa responsible for all the sounds (drum machine or real drums? maybe some keyboards?) "Cinematic" is the most common word seen in reviews. Wouldn't be out of place in a skate video. Not too far different than what Higgs is up to, but more straight ahead (to the degree that instro-drone 2 minute tunes are "straight ahead").
The more traditional "Riffs" would have felt at home on Lungfishs Love is Love LP. Even without Higgs all the weird beards and ents should be coming to track this down.
Those old enough to remember the Tear Jerks will be comfortable with the lofi recording and drone-a rama that he is throwing down.
A true Baltimore institution. How come no one from Lungfish turned up on the Wire? That would be exponentially cooler than NYHC guys on OZ.
Holy Mountain is the label.
Listen to some sounds here

And in case you were curious, Zomes are buildings of unusual geometry.

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