Friday, August 22, 2008

Bradley Wigging Out.

Fist off there's last years hair stylings. Wiggins looks like some mid 70s mod just popped out of a time machine and jammed into some lycra. Then there's the gold medal. Nice. Now the drunken antics. Remember Dudley Moore as "Arthur"? Then this should be familiar. Pseudo Translation courtesy of Google

"Bradley Wiggins, accounting for twice gold in the baanwielrennen, however, makes it a little too fur.. After an exuberant party with some friends in the London House had the 28-year-old Briton apparently something to look deep into the glass. . Once buitengekomen, he did a koprol on the bonnet of a parked taxi. . The taxi driver immediately notified the police, but after Wiggens showed his medals, the conflict was resolved. . The driver was even a few photos with the Olympic medal winner on."

A wise man once said "Remember, fun is fun".

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