Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Next seasons shake ups start today!

Go away for a few days and it seems like all the cycling news breaks.
McEwen signs what will probably be his Beckham farewell contract with
Katusha. Did Riis get misqouted a la Daniels in Wire season 5 or is he
putting Sastre out to Pasture (that is a headline for when he retires!).

Bike Sponsors play musical chairs. CSC on Specialized? Rabo on Giant?
Columbia on Scott? Cervelo on Cervelo? Scott-Americn Beef on
unemployment?? Breaking news..... Katusha on Ridleys? Another loss for Colnago. What will Lotto-Silence ride?

And it a total bizzaro world victory, Tyler Hamilton wins the US Road
Championship???? Maybe he can retire
with his head held high, or will he hang on in hopes of a final year in
europe? That must give Flandis hope.....

Dave Z might not have had a lot of victories this year, but he sure know's
marketing.. Check out this new product of his. Can mustache wax be far behind?

I am a fan of the marketing-hypes use of FPS aka "fragile perineal skin" as a term.

As far as the Vuelta. Boonen and Bennati are on a tear after not so great seasons. Valverde, Sastre, or Contador. Hopefully the mountains will provide some fireworks!

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